Parisa Darouei Painter & Illustrator

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I was a kid. It was summer. I was lying on the veranda and making shapes, stories and dreams by clouds. Then drew them in a small painting notebook: Colored Imagination! Blue, red, yellow… I grew up! Clouds turned to gray stains on canvas. No difference! Like before. Now, I make shapes, stories and dreams, but in gray! While I’m looking for the lost blue!

"..Darouei's paintings show some kind of avoiding the reality that emerges sometimes as nostalgia, sometimes as feeling absence for the lost past.."
Roueen Pakbaz, 6th Tehran Painting Biennial

New Events

Isfahan Selected Painters exhibition is the second exhibition of the series of Iran contemporary painters' exhibition which are held in Saba Cultural and Artistic Institute, involving tow of my recent paintings. from October 18th till 16th November

New works

The following work is one of a series of works that are painted as a objective result of a recent inter-disciplinary research that is in progress for art University of Isfahan, considering art (painting in special) and religion. My new illustrated book "Afsaneh Naneh Sarma"


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